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Today’s global environment means that financial institutions need to be able to respond to rising challenges of globalization, competition and regulation. There is ever so pressure to reduce operational complexity and become more agile to changing customer and regulatory demands. Automation of processes within the organization gives institutions the required scale, agility, reduced complexity and control to usher in the new digital era. Majority of systems today focus on solving specific problems, but in today’s world the nature of challenges faced by institutions is continuously evolving either due to regulation or need to be relevant in the industry. These systems therefore sooner or later become redundant or legacy systems, becoming less productive and cost effective acting as a deadweight in turn slowing down the pace of change within an organization.

iMarkServ’s intelligent process transformation tools are built keeping in my institutional demands and making them future ready. We are continuously evolving and developing tools that not only automate, but can also evolve by self learning from experiences in implementation.


Vector is platform as a service which can help achieve that goals. The ease of using the interface, integrating with multiple sources and ability to structure data makes it a unique offering. The salient feature of Vector include:

  • Seamless automation of task which creates greater productivity, collaboration and ease of managing multiple process
  • Logical grouping / combination of task which can be sequenced as per business requirement
  • It provides capability to schedule task based on file arrival or run based on calendar
  • It has a great functionality to ensure that the process which has run maintains basic hygiene
  • Access Management functionality to be compliant with security
  • User friendly interface which enables early adoption


Advanced Language Processing System (ALPS) is a proprietary framework used in business transformation for constructing real time reasoning systems that can perform complex tasks in dynamic environments.

The salient feature of ALPS include:

  • A state of the art end-to-end NLP based solution for investment compliance rule identification and creation
  • The Framework has multiple engines which support the lifecycle of investment compliance rule creation based on proprietary algorithms
  • It is a scalable intelligent solution with low-maintenance which will provide year-on-year operational efficiency
  • Releases valuable people resources and their management bandwidth
  • It also provides a dashboard-for-reporting and exception management tool for operational efficiency
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