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Your Cognitive Automative Partner.

We are a Cognitive Fintech Company which takes pride in its technology and domain. It’s a young and energetic company founded by like-minded professionals who have a vision to transform the operations landscape of financial institutions globally by enabling their teams with thoughtful and “Change Friendly” Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled products.

Our machine learning and natural language engines helps to solve a multitude of business challenges e.g., reading email for surveillance, or converting unstructured data into structured information or creating custom trading strategies etc.

Simplicity and effectiveness is what we have attempted to deliver through our product. Our endeavor is to remove all the enabling noise around an “operational process” and empower the business user to implement automation, as simply as one would draw-it up on a canvass!

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (DL) & Automation domain. Our proprietary product “Vector” delivers one of the quickest NLP and Automation programs in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry!

The company supports its client across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Japan.

Our business affairs are conducted to the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct. We are an ISO/IES 27001:2013 certified and compliant company!


Our Team is an ensemble of Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Asset Managers, Technologists, Academicians and Believers


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People are iMarkServs greatest asset - it is them who have cradled, nurtured and raised the company to what it is today!

We respect, honour and cherish our employees welcome and empower them to achieve higher echelons of awareness and capabilities!

The Company believes in the spirit of two words "WE CAN" thereby encouraging its people to take challenges, accept responsibilities and enable them to achieve them. It symbolizes what makes iMarkServ different.

We believe in developing leaders and spend significant time in this area. Our leaders 'Think Business', 'Deliver Results' , 'Energize People' and 'Act as role models'.

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