Data Ingestion

Data can be ingested in any form, i.e. pdf, email, excel sheets, etc. This flexibility to converted unstructured data to structured format helps in analysis as well as storing data for future use.


Data Analytics

The underwriting engine, analyses all the incoming applications and begins flags areas of concern based on historical information. Our significant domain knowledge helps provide supervised learning for machine to identify these hot spots.


Data Representation

Proposals meeting underwriting criteria are processed and the other ones are sent to underwriters for further investigation with reasons.


Vector provides solutions based on machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) which ensure that the systems are continously learning and adapting to changes needs of the marketplace.


In a competitive industry, being able to process information quickly has significant advantages in generating additional revenue for clients. Also with ability to store data it helps in developing new products in future for clients.


With reduced time spent underwriting, there is more volume handled leading to increase in productivity, thereby reducing cost per policy.

Customer Experience

With quick turnarounds and reliable pricing due to histrocial information, customer experience is substantially enhanced.