Data Ingestion

Extracting data from pdf's for quote comparison, excel sheets, tablesin emails etc.


Data Analytics

Collation of information received form various insurance companies and comparing them provides insights into possible variations between policies for brokers. This ensures they are also informed and they can in turn keep their clients informed. They are better equipped to deal with queries and can provide immediate suggestions.


Data Representation

Collating information and then presenting it to clients in an instant is critical so that clients are aided in their decision making. In addition the branding of broker, and aligning in the right format can be cumbersome, which is easily dealt with through automation and our representation tool.


Vector capability to ingest data and represent it in client customised format represents an important flexiblity for insurance brokers to turnaround enquiries in a short span of time.


Reduced turnaround times from receiving enquiry to sending a quote improves probability to convert. Also it helps insurance brokers immediate feedback which can be captured through a workflow and actioned immediately. With reduced TAT, the same workforce can handle multiple clients thereby increasing sales per rep.


With increased sales per rep and reducing the cycle of closure of an insurance quote, the cost per sale is reduced. Also with automation the backend cost is also significantly reduced.

Customer Experience

Sales is also about prompt communication and keeping the client informed and enagaged. With quick turnaround times and ability to provide client right information, customer experience is improved exponentially.