Data Ingestion

Invoices raised by various business lines across different time periods and due dates need to be collated to form a master database. The collation and injection of data ensuring data integrty and quality is key to the reconciliation process


Data Analytics

Post ingestion of data, from internal stakeholders and insurance companies payment information, a reconciliation is run automatically based on machine learning and statitics to allocate and reconcile invoices


Data Representation

Graphical representation by insurance company, by duration and drill down to actual invoices provides complete transparency to insurance companies as well as internal stakeholders. This information is critical in discussion and dealings with insurance companies when negotiating on behalf of clients


Reconciliation of invoices against payment received helps build transparency with insurance companies and also internal stakeholders


Revenue booking and realisation are two different things all togther. Realising the right amount of revenue at the right time is critical for any business. The reconciliation heps realise revenue and highlight overdues automtically making the process more efficient.


Automatic recon with technology as the base helps scale up and cater to the organisation growth without additioal manpower, there increasing revenue per client / employee.

Customer Experience

Transparency and clear visbility leads to better experience as there is no room left for ambiguity.