Data Ingestion

Vector colllates information for various business lines and verticals within them through its claims, facilities, quoting etc. modules. This data is ingested into the reporting engine to generate valueable and insightful reports.


Data Analytics

Advanced statistical analytics on the data collated and reports generated, helps preduct organisation growth cashflows etc.It also acts as Early Warning Signals for business lines or verticals which are either underperforming or becoming unviable.


Data Representation

Report sharing through dashboard, giving a single view to management with ability to drill down by business line, vertical ensures information is constantly available to management at their finger tips helping them make more informed decisions.


Reconciliation of invoices against payment received helps build transparency with insurance companies and also internal stakeholders.


Increase transparency is the way revenue is being generated helps realign resources and focusses the organisation realtime. This helps in ensuring that each revenue stream is maximised and also best practices across business lines are replicated.


Early warning signals in terms of cost over runs , or data manipulation help control the organisational budget and in turn cost.

Customer Experience

Experience of internal stakeholders improves considerably at the same time, every business lines understands their various metrics which helps budget and improve customer experience.