Data Ingestion

Claims processing requires injection of various documents as supporting evidence for the claims. Flexbility to upload documents of any type and ability to read along with workflows to highlight and track turn around times brings considerable transparency for clients and stakeholders.


Data Analytics

Ability to read the documents and analyse the information to highlight any possible challenges to the claim and prepare a plan to mitigate those challenges save considerable amount of time and increase probability of claims being processed succesfully.


Data Representation

A drill down dashboard from number to claims to the nth level of claims details empowers the sales and account manager better negotiate with insurance companies.


Vector ability to ingest information, construct workflows and highlight bottlenecks is critical to improve customer experience and retention.


Improved customer experience for clients increases the visbility within the organisation, thereby increasing referenceability and also increased opportunity to cross sell different products to the same clients.


Automating workflows and accountability within the system reduces the cost of operations and servicing of claims.

Customer Experience

Complete transparency and visibility of the claims process helps identify bottlenecks at both client and insurance ends helps enhance the customer experience which provides significant benefits in long term. Stickiness of client being one of the most critical.