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Business Support

iMarkServ helps you manage workflow spikes through flexi staffing and work flow tools by off-shoring standard as well as ad hoc activities. We can standardize templates, provide regular updates and reduce duplication helping you to focus on client relationships and deal origination. With our consistency of output we help you to generate long term productivity benefits with efficient quality review.

Research Editing

  • Hands-on specialist editing service for your investment research reports.
  • Supervised and co-ordinate with analyst and research managers
  • Content Editing
  • Report restructuring if required
  • Fact checking

Editing and Proof Reading

  • Ensuring perfect spelling, punctuation and consistency
  • Document structure to ensure in line with corporate standards
  • Adhering to company style guide
  • Creation of style guides
  • Ensure all documents are print ready

Design and Layout

  • Formatting MS office documents as per client guides
  • Creation of new templates or styles
  • Graphics and design - working on various tools like Adobe, Corel and Illustrator
  • Provide design ideas to improve existing templates both in terms of look & feel and automation
Utility based solutions

We have created various proprietary tools for clients for document services as well as content distribution. Services include creating standard templates to actually content delivery systems like app's for research reports, or an internal app for business intelligence for clients.

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