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ETF's and Mutual Funds

The global ETF / ETP industry now manages more than US$2tn on nearly 60 exchanges worldwide. We expect global expansion in ETF assets to continue, with the potential to surpass the total level of hedge fund assets within the next two years. The breadth of ETFs' appeal is central to this rapid growth. The product’s unique features of transparency, liquidity, flexibility and low fees continue to attract a wide range of investors. Institutional investors and wealth managers are using ETFs to gain low cost exposure to specific markets and asset classes, while retail investors increasingly see them as a cheaper alternative to mutual funds.

Managers face continuing challenges from innovation to maintaining performance and operational profitability. An integrated approach to co-sourcing/ outsourcing is a best fit for organization looking to leverage capabilities across front, middle and back office.

Index Creation and Calculation Services

  • Ideation, creation and development of unique investable concepts
  • Real-Time and End of Day Index Calculation
  • Market Intelligence for existing and proposed ETF's
  • Pre – and post-launch marketing support
  • Fund Analytics
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Quantitative Modelling
  • Index Optimization
  • Alpha Decomposition

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Utility Based Solution

iMarkServ has created various dashboards for clients which are useful for not only clients but also provide views to their customers.

Clients have access to in-depth tools and a real time dashboard which helps them monitor and maintain control.

Some of the Dashboard functionalities include:

  • Model portfolios
  • Alerts: price & trendline crosses, portfolio management
  • Data filters and columns in ETF Analyzer
  • Graphical representation etc.
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