Investor Allocations process involves Setting up funds of different fund structures, gathering class specific expenses and allocating them accordingly, calculating various fees, revise the high water mark, etc. It aslo involves performing fees crystallization, series rollup, preparing valuation control report, gathering hedge P/L, creating a library for tolerances across asset classes. etc.

Data Insertion

Capture fund structure details, Gather fees structure, Gather Transfer agency register, Capture capital activity/NAV frequency, Gather Contract Notes/ Capital activity request, Gather P&L for the NAV frequency.

Data Processing

Gather Opening AUM/Capital at fund/Class/Series/Investor Level, Gather Profit and Loss for the Period, Allocate P&L to class/series/Investor level, Calculate management fees, Calculate Performance fees keeping High water mark/hurdle rate depending upon fund’s PPM, Calculate NAV Per Share at Class level and for investor (if it’s different).

Data Representation

Investor statement, Fund fact sheet input.