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Investment Banking Research

iMarkServ provides services that cover multiple sectors and geographies and extend across the deal lifecycle – from origination to closure

We also help investment bankers improve their productivity, cut costs and focus on these high-value core activities by taking on typical junior analyst functions, maintenance research and providing timely inputs.

Utlility Based Solution

iMarkServ’s in-house IT team leverages the firm’s core capabilities in fundamental Investment Banking Research to build customized applications and databases to help clients. We have an in-house developer team, with expertise in technologies such as .Net, JAVA and databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, has developed applications for leading investment banks and buy side firms. Customized applications help in overcoming restrictions of proprietary packages and offer specific functionality.

Automation of Trading comps

  • We created a system to automatically pull data from Reuters, Bloomberg and Cap IQ based on criteria entered through the input system
  • This helped us select the best source for information, providing automatic audit trail for clients
  • Post pulling of information, the data was exported directly into client template helping in significantly reducing data and formatting errors
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